"I ordered a handmade card from card atelier for Valentines' Day and received it much earlier than expected! She was able to customize the card to my favor and was willing to make changes to the agreed design. Card was made with high quality and is cheaper than expected! Really an awesome deal!! Will get it again whenever needed! :) Thank you!!!"
Joanne Tan

"Card Atelier made this lovely handmade card for my sister's birthday and she really loved it! She especially adored the cute pop-up cupcake inside and the intricate lace design outside! I was also able to customise the colours and the pop-up inside to my liking. All in all, it was a wonderful card and I would definitely get my cards from Card Atelier!"
Huimin Lee

"Dear Card Atelier, thank you very much for the gorgeous handmade card! Totally loved it. All your cards are soooo beautiful!!! Wish you all the best! :D :D"
Komathi Maturaveeran

"Hey there! The handmade card is very well done :) Impressive! Keep it going!!"