About Us


Who Are We and Why We Do What We Do


The practice of giving greeting cards has always been a simple, yet significant way of capturing and celebrating the beautiful moments in our lives. However, this hallowed tradition is slowly fading away.

Card Atelier was founded in 2014 with the aim of reviving this tradition. Our 'workshop' (or atelier) produces handmade greeting cards with unique designs that are apt for all occassions.

No two persons are alike. So, why should the greeting cards we give all be the same? Card Atelier offers its customers the opportunity to customise their greeting cards to suit their own needs. We aim to offer greeting cards that not only capture the essence of each special moment but also reflect the unique identity of each card recipient.

Show your loved ones how special they really are, not by giving them a generic greeting card plucked from a shelf, but by gifting them a personalized work of art that truly reflects who they are.

Card Atelier aims to revive the card giving tradition and wants its customers to enjoy a unique shopping experience by easily customizing their cards and bringing their own creativity to the fore.

We aim to make our customers feel special by providing exclusive, heartfelt and handmade greeting cards for any occasion all around the world.

The Designer:
Buvi – The founder and designer of Card Atelier. A personal hobby of making gift cards has turned into a business thanks to the constant support and encouragement from her friends and loved ones. She strongly believes in creation, personalization and appreciation, which resulted in the birth of Card Atelier. A psychology graduate, she is juggling both a full-time job and the business.